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THE ISSUE:  The Human Aspect of when a 'Superhero' falls

Extraordinary saves.  Mundane calls.  Bizarre days.  Horrific deaths.  Unexplainable loss.  Nightmares.  Miracles.

First Responders will see things that no one should have to see, but it is the nature of the profession.  They are normal people saving lives.  These encounters coupled with chronic workplace stress are taking their toll on those who work in Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement and Emergency Dispatch.  Though the community may see them as Heroes and Superheroes, emergency responders are human and susceptible to human conditions.

In an article published June 25, 2019, authored by Ann Marie Farina, executive director of The Code Green Campaign, "In the United States, more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty each year.  In a 10-day period this month, three NYPD officers, a Philadelphia sheriff's LGBTQ liaison and four other first responders in Michigan, Minnesota, California, and Nevada have died by suicide.  As of June 19, there have been 97 law enforcement suicides verified by Blue HELP for 2019."  In Fire and EMS, as of July 19, 2019, there have been 51 fire and 10 EMS suicides reported and verified by the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance this year.  

With the recent spotlight bringing the rate of First Responders suicides to the forefront, the Dane County EMS Honor Guard is joining the fight by working to bring awareness, support, and education to those on the front line.


3 Day Event:  Friday - Sunday, August 28-30, 2020

Conference Goals:
      • Learn, refresh and advance your Honor Guard Skills
      • Develop understanding of behavioral health of the First Responder including PTSD, depression and anxiety
      • Gain insight and understanding of mental health concerns that affect departments when dealing with the death of an active or retired member
      • Learn about the emotional aspects of retirement from Emergency Protective Services
      • Be given insight on how to create a Behavioral Health Program for your department

Stay Tuned:  More to come!
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