Dane County Emergency Medical Services Honor Guard, Inc

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A reminder that our fundraiser dance is Saturday, October 1st
(Order tickets online or pay by check)

It is our MISSION
as the Dane County EMS Honor Guard,
a regional division of the
Wisconsin EMS Honor Guard,

To ensure
fallen members of the EMS profession are given the honor, respect
and dignity they deserve for the vital service in public safety
they so willingly provided to their communities.

It is our goal to provide compassion, support and assistance
to the families of fallen comrades, their colleagues and to
fellow Honor Guard Units during their time of need;
and to provide representation that is distinguished at public events
in and around Dane County, and as requested,
throughout the State of WI and across the nation, so that the
sacrifices they have made will never be forgotten. 

We pledge to support the core values of EMS
in our appearance and conduct at all times
and will strive for excellence in the performance of our duties
as stewards of the memories of those who have gone before us.


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